Metaphysical Counsel – Tarot Readings

Sometimes it’s nice to get a different perspective on things, to find some options and explanations as to why things are going on, and identify what you can do to make your journey more graceful.  That’s when a reading from Nancy can be helpful.

Nancy offers a comprehensive tarot reading which includes information regarding what is the overview situation, what options you can take to make your journey more graceful and it identifies a karmic pattern which is ready for healing. Then if desired, Nancy can provide psychic insight into details that may support your journey and provide clarification on a deeper level.

A reading with Nancy can provide clarity and a sense of empowerment to move forward on your journey with greater grace and peace.

Nancy is not accepting new clients at this time.


“She just has a knowing and is right on”
Joyce, Client, Denver CO

“Nancy, you are by far, my favorite psychic reader, bar none! I’m not easily impressed by psychics, but honestly, you blow me away! You’re gifts, and your understated way of delivering them during your readings is absolutely refreshing. You’re a class act, and a rare gem. Thank you so much for your guidance, and for being who you are.”
Anthony, Psychic Medium, Denver CO

“Goldia’s insights helped me over a very difficult time period. She’s a gentle soul with a remarkable gift of healing.”
Carol Quigless, CMT, Reiki Master, Chef, Tarboro, NC

“Nancy’s unique ability to combine intuition, channeled information and second sight with spiritual wisdom provided me with an accurate assessment of my issues. Her advice for the causes were right on, illuminating the hidden issues and the techniques she provided me with addressed the core issue, allowing me to find balance. I have the highest regard for her abilities and her as a person.”
C. Hopkins, Astrologer, Crozet, VA

“I enthusiastically endorse Nancy as an intuitive reader and counselor of very high ability and integrity. I experienced a reading with her last December while seeking guidance, direction and input for a new business venture. The information, which came through was very helpful, and included several avenues suggested for contemplation, which I had not considered.”
Dana Chwan, Handwriting Analysis, Counselor, Salida CO

“So much was going on in my life when I requested a reading. Without saying a word about any of it, Nancy went to the heart of it all. Her guidance helped me to utilize my time and energy where it needed to be focused. All with a positive outcome.”
Barbara Evans, Massage Therapist, Richmond, VA

“Nancy, Thank you so much. You are such a blessing to this physical plane and the universe. I am deeply grateful for you and your consciousness. You are the best medical intuitive I know.”
Rhonda, Enlightened Fitness, McKinney, TX