Clinical Aromatherapy and Natural Product Formulation

Clinical Aromatherapy – Essential Oils – Olfactory Therapy

 Aromatherapy is one of the fastest growing forms of alternative health therapies in  the US.

The essence of fragrance and its affect on the body is excitingly
profound! Not only sensually, but emotionally, spiritually and physically. The scientific benefits and applications of Clinical Aromatherapy are well documented throughout the world. This is a natural therapy utilizing concentrated high quality essential oils through specific applications advised by a trained Clinical Aromatherapist.

Nancy Graves has been trained and certified by a Holistic Physician, Raphael d’Angelo, MD, as a Clinical Aromatherapist and is a Certified Instructor for Candace Newman’s Touch With Oils® (TWO) Hand Massage class. Nancy is a past Board Member and Officer of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA) and a Board Certified Activities Consultant (AC-BC). 

For a favorite aromatherapy recipe, keep reading till the end.

Research validating the benefits of aromatherapy shows:

  • “German researchers found they could use odors to re-activate new memories in the brains of people while they slept – and the volunteers remembered better later.” – CNN
  • “Essential oils usually used in aromatherapy have been found to kill the deadly MRSA bacteria according to research carried out at The University of Manchester. Tests revealed that three essential oils killed MRSA as well as E.Coli and many other bacterial and fungi within just two minutes of contact” – Medical Research News
  • “A supervising research nurse in the department of genitourinary medical oncology at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, teaches a monthly aromatherapy class… While essential oils may not directly stimulate the immune system they can complement cancer treatment by boosting the system’s ability to fight off infections. Certain oils can also stimulate lymphatic drainage or have antibacterial properties and help manage anxiety and nausea as well as promote sleep, general relaxation, memory and attention.” – UPI

The advantage Clinical Aromatherapy has on balancing the body’s systems is that the essential oils come from nature and are composed of a complex chemical structure that cannot be reproduced by man. By understanding the key chemical compounds  and safety precautions, a trained Clinical Aromatherapist can provide a complementary natural wellness therapy for a better quality of life.

Recipe: to assist in re-gaining a sense of direction and purpose after a shock.

Lavender, Lavendula angustifolia – 10 drops
Geranium,  Pelargonium x asperum  – 5 drops
Sandalwood, Santalum spicatum – 5 drops

After blending the three oils, place a drop or two on a cotton ball to inhale throughout the day or place the 20 total drops in 4 oz of fractionated coconut and/or jojoba oil to use as a gentle massage oil.

Natural Product Formulations

After completing years of study through the awarded UK school, Formula Botanica, and many years studying the value of essential and carrier oils, Nancy creates conscious, effective custom formulated natural skin care products for a variety of clients.