Crystal Reiki

Reiki and other energetic healing modalities support the body’s natural relaxation response to optimize wellness and a sense of well-being.  Many people experiencing a session convey a sense of mental -physical relaxation and rejuvenation.

Master Healer, Nancy Graves, engages a vast knowledge of a variety of energetic modalities such as: Reiki, Zenith, Miraculous Light energy, Trans-dimensional Energy and Lemurian Shamanic techniques to optimize the benefits for each client.

By understanding the quantum physics and universal principles of this reality, advanced crystal technology applications can be used for healing, manifesting and increasing psychic awareness. Nancy is a Certified Master of Crystology through Melody’s Crystal Healers program and is available for private Laying On Of Stones sessions, Crystal Grids for property, prosperity and health.


If you are looking for a particular stone or crystal, I would recommend contacting one of my favorite stores, Hands of Spirit Gallery in Boulder, CO. My teacher, Karen Kuk-Nagle is very knowledgeable and is one of the first instructors certified by Melody to teach her approved Crystal Healing classes. Karen and Bruce will help you find the stones you are looking for and they will help the stones looking for you to get to you. Visit their website:

If you are in the East Coast, contact the Aquarian Bookshop in Richmond, Virginia.  Visit their website: